The 5th Generation Of Phenolic Resin

With the launch of the Aramith100 pool set, Aramith introduces the 5th generation of its phenolic resin and sets a new quality standard in the industry.

This revolutionary resin has been combined with the Duramith™ Technology already used in the Aramith Tournament ball sets and symbolized by the iconic two half circle logo® on each numbered ball.

Thanks to an extremely sophisticated polymeric reaction, Aramith100 resin molecular structure offers characteristics unmatched by any other Aramith resins or any other brands on the market.

The Highest Quality Standard


deeper vitrification layer


more resistant to impacts


more resistant to wear


more resistant to scratch and stain

Unprecedented resistance

Due to a modified aromatic structure, we doubled the vitrification layer of the Aramith100 resin. As a consequence, we obtained a higher and more consistent hardness of the top layer, both on the surface and in depth.

Thanks to this deeper vitrification layer, Aramith100 is 5 times more resistant to impacts compared to our Super Aramith Pro or Tournament ball sets, which were already by far the most resistant on the market.

This reinforced layer also makes the Aramith100 resin 3 times more resistant to wear, scratch and stain than any other phenol-like billiard balls on the market.

Unprecedented Anti-kick

With a higher hydrophilic molecular structure, Aramith100 resin enhances anti-static properties. This resin further prevents the balls from building a static charge and hold dust particles. Thus, it drastically minimizes the risk for kicks, skids or poor contacts during a game.

Unprecedented consistency

Aramith became over the years the reference billiard ball around the world for pool, snooker, carom and many other billiard disciplines.

Now for a brand to be recognized as such through generations, it shows we can guarantee excellence and consistency in every product made available on the market.

With the Aramith100, we reach an even higher consistency within each ball in the set, knowing the quality and performance from one ball to another in our high-end Aramith products is already close to perfection.

A unique piece of craftsmanship

To celebrate 100 years of fine Belgian craftsmanship, each ball is precision-engraved with the Aramith100 logo, its number and the two half circles around it acknowledging the use of the Duramith™ TechnologyWith its deeper vitrification layer, the Aramith100 pool set looks like no others. The engravings are magnified. The colours are sublimated. Their brilliance and glossiness are incomparable.

As for the box, we thought we needed to do something special, to make it a little more exclusive. Not only because this is the best quality of billiard balls ever made. But also because it is our 100th anniversary.

Countdown to unveiling


It takes time to come up with true innovations. For this one, it took us 15 years.
And since many other nice features will be added to this Aramith100 ball set, we are waiting a little longer before its final presentation.

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Aramith100 is a new pool ball set launched by SALUC SA for its 100th anniversary

Aramith® and the two half circle logo® are registered trademarks of SALUC SA

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